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American Black Bear Pin

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In spite of their name, black bears range in color from blonde to dark brown. Yosemite is home to 300-500 black bears. Black bears are omnivores, but rely largely on grasses, herbs, manzanita berries, and nuts such as acorns. They also pull apart downed trees to find insects and larvae. Cubs are born in the winter and stay with their mothers for around one year.

Keep bears wild! Store all of your food and anything with a scent in a bear proof locker to prevent bears from becoming addicted to human food. Drive slowly; 25 bears were hit on Yosemite roads in 2014.

Yosemite Conservancy funds research and equipment to protect bears, including GPS collars to further understand a bear's daily movement and prevent bears from acquiring human food. To learn more about the wildlife management projects Yosemite Conservancy is funding, click here.

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