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Western Mono Winnowing Basket circa 1930

Item #: 2679
Price: $250.00
This basket is a utilitarian style basket used throughout California, this one in particular is from the Western Mono tribe. It's original use is to separate the acorn nut from the husks and other unwanted materials. Made during the 1930's this basket was not used, instead it was made to sell to tourists being of a smaller size. It's made with peeled and unpeeled redbud shoots which makes an amusing "skunk" pattern on the basket. Measuring 8 1/2 wide and approximatly 10 inches long.
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The baskets we offer here come from Taylor's American Indian Shop in Fresno, California. For more information on this basket and any other Museum Store item for sale through this website you can email Museum Store Supervisor Nicole Brocchini at