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Yosemite Valley Jigsaw Puzzle

Item #: 1123
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This 500+ piece, 18"X24", puzzle was created from a reprint of Jo Mora's cartoon-style map of Yosemite Valley that was made from original artwork that was recently donated to the Yosemite Museum. First copyrighted in 1931, the poster (puzzle) illustrates many historical features of the valley that are no longer to be found. They include: *the Old Village; *the "petting zoo" behind the Yosemite Museum; *the "Firefall; *the bear feeding platform *the last Indian Village; and *the Glacier Point Hotel. Actual Size: 17.5"X23.5" Produced exclusively for the Yosemite Association with an earth-wise design: "to help reduce post-consumer waste, we have packaged this full-size puzzle in a smaller, more compact box."
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