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Missing in the Minarets

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The 2010 edition includes new Afterword by author William Alsup.

This riveting narrative details the mysterious disappearance of Walter 'Peter' Starr, a San Francisco attorney from a prominent family, who set off to climb alone in the rugged Minarets region of the Sierra Nevada in July 1933. Rigorous and thorough searches by some of the best climbers in the history of the range failed to locate him despite a number of promising clues. When all hope seemed gone and the last search party had left the Minarets, mountaineering legend Norman Clyde refused to give up. Climbing alone, he persevered in the face of failure, resolved that he would learn the fate of the lost man. Clyde's discovery and the events that followed make for compelling reading. This re-creation of a famous episode in the annals of the Sierra Nevada is mountaineering literature at its best.

216 pages, paperback, published 2010
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