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National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds - Western Edition

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Virtually every bird found in North America is brought to life in a full-color photograph and with textual information on the bird's voice, nesting habits, habitat, range, and interesting behaviors. Accompanying range maps; overhead flight silhouettes; sections on bird-watching, accidental species, and endangered birds make these the most comprehensive field guides to birds available.

The Western Edition covers the Rocky Mountain range and all the states to the west of it. This Audubon Society field guide describes over 500 species of birds on the Western Region of North America with 800+ pages of information. Featuring nearly 700 vivid, full-color photographs, they include a detailed range map for each species. Organized visually by grouping birds by color and shape to make identification simple and accurate.

Author: Miklos D.F. Udvardy / Revised by John Farrand Jr. / Visual key by Amanda Wilson and Lori Hogan / National Audubon Society
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, New York, Random House
2nd edition full revised August 1994; 13th printing November 2013
Flexibound, 822 pages


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Miklos D.F. Udvardy is professor of Biological Sciences at California State University Sacramento. The late John Ferrand Jr. wrote several field guides and watched birds in many locations around the world.