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Little Chickaree in the Big Trees - Children's Shirt

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100% cotton shirt in traditional fit and style for boys and girls. Yosemite Conservancy original graphic design image of Chickaree squirrel in red on black tee shirt. 
Yosemite Conservancy logo on sleeve.

Sizes Youth Extra Small to Youth Large

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Little Chickaree in the Big Trees: Who is that small tufted eared squirrel flitting around in the sequoia grove? Meet the Douglass tree squirrel, or chickaree. Turns out this little fellow is a big helper when it comes to helping sequoia trees distribute their cones and seeds.  The chickaree munches on fleshy sequoia cones and inadvertently disperses the oatmeal flake sized seeds around the forest.  Sequoia seeds need very specific conditions to grow, including bare ground, ideally prepared by fire and plenty of sunlight.  From these miniature seed flakes grow giant sequoias, that once established, can rein the forest for thousands of years.

This children’s shirt design is to remind us all of the great potential that lies within even the smallest living things.  Yosemite is a place of grandness, but it is the smallest things; the crystals of granite, the microorganisms in the soil, and the smallest of seeds that all combine to form magnificence.  Remember to appreciate the small things during your journey in Yosemite.

Yosemite Conservancy is helping fund restoration of sequoia groves and research on both plants and animals alike.