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Yosemite Coloring Book

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Yosemite Coloring Book Illustrated by Hanna Hedstrom
All 25 images are hand-drawn, made up of complex lines and patterns. Great for all ages and coloring abilities, whether you want to stay inside the lines, or create your own! 
Yosemite National Park is known for its sweeping vistas, but there are also smaller details that make it unique. From grand peaks and valleys to the tiniest of flowers, from the largest black bear to the smallest pika, from timeless architecture to everyday adventures, this book paints a complete picture of the park, focusing on its iconic panoramas in addition to its intimate details. 

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About Hanna Helstrom
Hanna Hedstrom, aka the velocicraftor, is a migratory freelance artist living between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Yosemite National Park, California. She has worked as a seasonal ranger in Yosemite’s high country since 2011, and has contributed art to several projects in Yosemite and the surrounding community. In the winter, she lives in Albuquerque where she focuses on her art. Hanna works in various artistic mediums, her current focus is graphic design. She also enjoys painting, drawing, knitting, photography and baking. Her favorite materials to work with are acrylic, wood, wood stain, ink and chocolate.